New Projects

During 2019, For Kids By Kids is partnering with Mariposas to amplify the voice of this community of young Latinas and their parents through illustrating, producing and publishing a picture book.

Mariposas is a community of over 80 engaged students and parents who work towards pursuing educational success, de-marginalizing themselves and engendering activism. It’s notable that many of the parents and some of the students are undocumented. This year the students studied immigration throughout history and ended with a trip to New York to visit historic sites.

The For Kids By Kids collaboration seeks to further the goals of this powerful organization by aiding these young women and their families to empower their agency; bring out their creative gifts ; and communicatee their messages through the arts. For Kids By Kids and Mariposas are already exploring ways to reach families across the country through wide distribution of the finished book.

Want more information about Mariposas? Read the Article about them in the “Teaching Tolerance Magazine”

In June, Susie Wilde began working with families to determine a theme for the book. Of an impressive number of ideas, we chose the theme of Liberation and set about imagining ideas of unique characters who dream of possibilities no one else has though of. After reviewing more than a hundred ideas, we have come up with the main character for our story: A RIVER THAT LISTENS.

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