Past Projects

Planting Hope – A hard-working girl and a golden seed unite a contentious garden. This 2016 book was comissioned by PORCH in Chapel Hill and produced in collaboration with an ELS class at Smith Middle School and after-school students at Rogers Road Community Center, both located in Chapel Hill.

Transplanting Traditions- The Karen Youth Art Group, sponsored by the FRANK Gallery, wrote, illustrated, and photographed this picture book. The 2015 publication documents a community that finds a home in the United States when a Chapel Hill location enables their gardening tradition to take root.

What Can A Small Bird Be?- A tiny bird’s life gets bigger when he discovers important virtues like courage and perseverance. A partnership between the North Carolina Department of Instruction and North Carolina Museum of Art, this book was written by eight teams of teenagers across the state of North Carolina in 2011.

Tell Me a Patch- This picture book reveals the raucous nature of a library and a timid little pillow who is comforted by a storytelling chair. Patrons of all ages of the Hemphill Library in Greensboro, NC collaboratively wrote and illustrated the tale. This 2006 project had support from the Greensboro Public Library.