The Plot Gels : A 6 Week Catch Up

Oh, the work we have done in the last six weeks of classes!

The Mariposas have listened to stories

Mariposas listen

They have researched:

Mariposas research

They have collaborated on plot ideas, vivid verbs, imagery, developed scenes until we are now at Draft 11 (I told the students to expect 30+) which is a pretty big deal for kids used to writing only rough draft and final copy.

Mariposas create!

We have killed off one character (Rock), enhanced another (Moon–or perhaps Abuela Moon), tried the story from third person, first person in Rock’s point of view, first person in River’s point of view, back to third person.

But we do have a basic plot at this point. Here are the scenes in brief at this point:

Scene 1: River speaks to Moon about wanting to be  “as big as the ocean and powerful enough to leave these high banks.”

Scene 2: She does, but not as she wished—she floods.

Scene 3: Then she wishes to be small–but faces drought.

Scenes 4-5: All changes when a little girl comes to cross the river and River realizes she’s big enough to hold and welcome all the stories of those crossing.

Of course, any of these scenes may change as we hammer out wording…but I think we finally have a workable structure.

Last week, we compared two drafts. Mariposas separated into smaller groups and each read the story aloud

Mariposas read with focus

made comments

Red means our story’s getting better!

and had a little fun along the way.

Who says editing can’t be fun?

Meanwhile–Mariposas have been working on the art as well! See next post!

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