Structure Completed!

It’s been a wild ride composing story, but a wonderful one.

Each week, we have opened with a theme that relates to the children’s lives. For example, when we spoke of conflict, our opening circle focused problems they saw at school. Going around the circle they cited “people getting hurt on accident,” “a friend who doesn’t treat good to another friend,” “people not want to be friends with someone,” “segregated classes and segrated atmosphere.”

We then linked those feelings to something that the character might feel. For example, River’s conflicts began when he felt small and powerless.

Let me tell you about choosing River for a main character. I simply adore that River, but it’s been a pesky protagonist to nail down. Just as rivers move, this one has meandered, twisted and turned, and led us on an incredible exploration!

Our meandering River as seen in a page layout
Lenna enters the scene…as seen in a page layout

The story really came to life when Lenna entered! Her personality moved our Mariposas like no inanimate character could!!

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